Red Bat Press

How many alter-egos do I have? I'm losing count. But here's another Red Bat!

Red Bat Press began in 2002, a year after I moved to Portland, Oregon. It came from humble beginnings, a desire to make and sell my original wood-cut art prints, but within three years it would grow into a full time job and rewarding artist life. I was the everythingRed Bat, sole proprietor, designer, printer and production artist, marketer, store rep, delivery (by bike). It's pretty awesome to be able to wake up in the morning with an idea, and by evening see it in print.

Between 2002-2016 running the press in Portland I created 200+ woodcut press designs including art postcards, valentines, calendar cards, blank cards, and holiday novelties as well as custom projects.

Below is the list of all the official Red Bat studio designs.

I plan to continue to use wood-cut and letterpress designs for illustration work as there really is no way to fake it. Just got to dig in, carve, get ink all over my fingers, play on the press, and let the magic happen.

The press name Red Bat comes from the first art postcard of a series of 8 animal designs that was inspired by a Red Bat paper kite I found in San Francisco's Chinatown. According to Chinese symbolic tradition, bats are symbols of good fortune. The character for luck in Chinese is Fú and the word for bat is biān fú. Red Bats are especially lucky because the color red is protective against misfortune.

Red Bat Press

[studio designs]

Woodcut & Letterpress Art Press
Designs from the Collection 2002 to 2016


[79 designs]
Ahoy! [ship in a bottle]All Aboard [Union Station]At Midnight, We RideBathtub DiverBen FranklinBenson BubblersBig PinkBikeasaurusGreen Tyrannosaurus Blue StegosaurusYellow Centrosaurus Pink Brontosaurus Bike HaikuBlue MermaidBluebird of HappinessBridgesBroadwayBurnsideFremontHawthorneMorrisonRoss IslandSellwoodSt JohnsSteelTillikumWillamette RRBunnies on a BikeBunny in a BathBunny in a BoatBunny on a BikeBunny on a BusBusy Busy BeeCat on a Pea-green ChairCatty CruiserChinatownCity of BikesCity of RosesCome in, the Water's FineEverybody READEverybody BIKEEverybody VOTEA FanExploreFrog on a LogGo, Dog Racer, GoGood Fortune Good Luck Hello SailorHome Sweet HomeI Like TrumpetsIn Oregon we BikeLucky DogThe MicyclesOregon CoastOregon, My OregonPaul BunyanPirate FashionPortlandiaRed BatSailor SweetheartWhat Luck!Sweetheart FlowerMy LoveTrue LoveSea MonkeySee the World See you Later, AlligatorSHIFT to BikesStag SignStag Sign: Let's RideSteel Bridge 100th BirthdayTour de ElephantVaux's SwiftsWish you were hereWoody GuthrieYear of the HorseYear of the Piggy BankYear of the Poodle


[5 designs]
Bat & MoonBird BookSkull & CrossbonesSilver Anchor


[18 designs]
Animal / SwirlBike to MarketDragon in CloudsGreen MonkeyRed Bat at Night
Bird Greetings - series 1Be WellGood Luck! HelloWrite Soon!
Bird Greetings - series 2Good Luck! Happy Day! HelloThank you!
Happy DayChipmunkFoxFrogRabbit
Portland VignettesElk FountainSteel Bridge/ Blossoms


[46 designs]
2004 Good Luck 2004 See the World2004 Leap Year2005 St. Johns Bridge2005 Explore2005 See the World 2006 City of Roses2006 Double Happiness 2006 Everybody Bike2006 See the World 2007 Aboard Union Station2007 Lucky Seven2007 Steadfast2007 City of Bikes2008 Vaux's Swifts2008 Leap Year2008 Fair Winds 2008 Go By Bike2009 Made in Oregon2009 Gnome Year2009 Bike Haiku 2009 Home Sweet Home 2010 Hawthorne Bridge 100th 2010 Happy Day!2010 Play! 2010 Bike Haiku2011 The Oregon Coast2011 Blue Heron2011 Bike Trip2011 Lighthouse2012 Leap Year2012 Year of the Bicycle2012 Year of the Dragon2012 Year of the Bat2013 Good Fortune 2013 New Endeavour 2013 Tried & True 2013 Adventure Ahead2014 Fox2014 Rabbit2014 Frog 2014 Chipmunks2015 Mt Hood2015 Tilikum Crossing Bridge2015 Biking Rose2015 Portlandia


[16 designs]
CardsBatty BunchRoller GhosterTwin WitchesVampire Kitty
Halloween Ha Hasbirdsblack catskeletonwitch
PostcardsBat Tub PartyDJ Scare-D CatFunny BonesMummy & DeadyPumpkin PatchRoller GhosterTrick or Tweet Twin Witches


[6 designs]
Holiday PortlandHoliday San FranciscoHoliday SeattleMinnesota WonderlandNew Year: Bird & HorseshoeNew Year: Moon & Stars


[8 designs]
Bike Haiku StationeryBridges of the Willamette Egg SurprisesGood Luck Dragon StationeryGreetings from Astoria Halloween Ha Has (mini) Oo La La StationeryPirate Valentines


[3 designs]
Bunny on a Bike (aqua)Bunny on a Bike (brown)Bunny on a Bike (white)


[25 designs]
An Eggcellent Valentine's DayBee Mine!Bessst Friendsss I Gotcha!I Kid you notI like you in a BIG wayI Whaley like youI Woof you! I'm Bananas about youI'm Nutty about youI'm stuck on you I'm Wild about you I've Flipped for youLet's Hang AroundOh Hoppy Day! Otterly awesome togetherPopped up to say Riding By with a Valentine Hi To a Deer FriendWhooo's the Best?You Quack me upYou're a Lucky CatchYou're Koala-fiedYou're the Beary Best! You're the Cat's Meow!You're too Cool

VALENTINES [pirate set]

[4 designs]
Arrrrr you gonna be my Valentine? I treasure our friendship No Bones about itLook Out! X marks the spot!