Photo Happy

[Enjoy some themed photo sets]

For my 12th birthday in 1987 I was gifted a pastel Le Clic disc camera and could now take my own photographs. I loved taking pictures, though many were grainy and blurry as I learned to hold my camera steady or not get too close to my subject. I took an entire roll of film of my cat, way too close. In high school my stepdad Eric, also an avid photographer, upgraded me to a more professional camera, an SLR with a removable lens. I developed and printed my own black and white photographs in both my high school and college, and while I miss how beautiful the process of seeing a photograph appear on a blank page, I don't miss the expense and smell of chemicals! Today I mostly take pictures with my cell phone camera and once and awhile borrow my husband's digital SLR. For many years I shot all my photographs with a Minolta SLR film camera. I love documenting the world in photography. I am PHOTO HAPPY!