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11/2021: Postcard Exhibit 9: Tub ADdiction

In November, it's all about shopping for the holidays. The advertising gets insane. The tub is a feature of these postcard advertisements featuring fancy water, alcohol & cigarettes, cheap paperback books, body care products, loungewear and a home shopping service so you never have to leave the bathtub to go shopping! Several of these featured postcards came from free postcard racks you'd find in cafes and coffee shops in the 1990s before the internet was a much bigger thing.

Le Livre de Poche

( self addressed postcard, Enter to win 100 cheap paperback books, Montréal, unused)

Donna Karan: Bath & Body Mist

(advertising postcard mailed in 1995)

Imported English Gin

(unmailed pik:nik free postcard)

L'original: Evian Water

(unmailed m@x racks free postcard, 1999)

Tesco direct

(advertising postcard, unmailed)

Econatural body care products

(advertising postcard mailed in 1995)

(unmailed GoCards free postcard)

Loveletters Lougewear

(advertising postcard, unmailed)

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection