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12/2021: Postcard Exhibit 10: Full House, Full Tub

Where are you going to put all your guests? These postcards, mostly from early 1900s to 1920s suggest quite comically, how about the bathtub/bathroom! And two even use the same photo, but look closely it's not exactly the same! These were the modern equivalent of a funny meme or a LOL!

I've a nice little room with hot and cold water laid on! (undated Bamforth Co. no. 301, unsent)

A Full House

(undated Bamforth & Co, no. 1020, unsent)
The bed-rooms were all full, so they put us up in the bath-room(Dear mom and dad, I am sleeping in a room with Mrs. Chadwick in a little bed, sent in 1925, postcard no. 980)

Seaside Comforts

(unsent Davidson Bros, no2575-5, Stamp on front: 1907)

Boy, This Hotel is Crowded - X marks the spot where I slept last night!

(undated, Metrocraft Everett Mass, unmailed)

What's the Odds So Long as You're Happy

(Dear Mom, Mrs Bammack wants me to stay a day or two... sent in 1921, postcard no. 3676, Regent Publishing Co.)
Go morron gamle ván kom bara närmare o se dej om i vår nya våning(unsent Swedish Postcard)
We arrived safely but had difficulty in finding lodgings...(undated, Bamforth & Co. no. 1013, unmailed, note: same photo used in this one and the next one!)

Dear Brownie

(sent in 1905, Bamforth life model series. note: same photo used in this one and the last one!)

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection