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10/2021: Postcard Exhibit 8: Spooky Season

Monsters, a friendly ghost, haunted rooms, spells and cats mean it's Halloween Month. This month's exhibit even has a few postcards from the handmade collection, originally created for different mail art shows over the years. I've added my own interpretation of the scene with a new title. Which one scares you the most?

The Haunted Dollhouse (Freakybuttrue, 2012)

Rosmary's Baby Bath

(handmade postcard by Diane Key, 2003)

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Creature from the Tub

(Show card for Justin Hillgrove's Imps & Monsters, 2008)

Creature from the Tub 2

(Wooden 3D postcard from The Peculiarium)

Headless Bather

(Handmade postcard by Jodie Cord, 2003)

Toil, Toil, Triple the Trouble

(Handmade postcard by Seawerks, 2003)

The Black Cat: Reborn

(The Drowned Cat by Jim Mc Lagan, 1982)

Something Wicked This Way Comes

(Spring Fed by Andrew Wyeth, 1967)

A Very Gorey Halloween

(Untitled by Edward Gorey)

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection