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a museum dedicated to the art of the bath

1/2022: Postcard Exhibit 11: Bathtub Party

Let's Party!!! Cats and dogs, couples, lizards, artists, medieval people, celebrity TV stars, a monster in a party hat, or champagne with the presidents, there's lots of ways to celebrate!

Garfield: Wish You Were Here (Illustration: Jim Davis, Ballantine Books, unsent)

Tub Party

(Handmade by Jason Bye for the 10th Anniversary of BAM (2013, unsent)
When momma's away, the cat's are at play(Illustration by Alfred Mainzer, unsent)
Conserve your H2O(Handmade by M. Beeson for Bathlandia (2016, unsent)
Faux Champagne Bubble Bath(Handmade by Tom of the Faux Museum, mailed)

Simpsons bath

(20th Century Fox Film Corp, 2000, unsent)

Folks are Real Friendly Here

(Published by Storer's Cards, Tulsa, OK, pencil artist anonymous, unsent)

The Book of Hours of Valerius Maximus

(Reproduction of 15th Century painting by Taschen for Erotica Universalis, 1995, unsent)
Happy Birthday Bathtub Art Museum(Handmade by Alessandra Silver, 2005, mailed)

Friederike + Uwe: Bathroom

(German Art Couple art postcard, printed in Germany)

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection