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2/2022: Postcard Exhibit 12: Boozin' & Bathin'

I don't exactly recommend getting drunk in the tub, in fact don't do itbut to bathe in tub full of beer or champagnewell that could put anyone in "Good Spirits." These jokey postcards seemed all the rage from early 1900s to 1950s! One is even labeled Prohibition!

Arrived Safely: Bubble Bath in Beer (Text: Dear Mom: I'm in good shape. Note I can't even spell my own name, sent to Akron, Ohio from Clinton, Conn. in August, 1956)

This is the kind of Accomodations you get Here

(Text: Well Walt, How goes it. Did youa milka the cows yeta. I'm in Nashua, New Hampshire - Gert, published by Touring Comics, Bamforth no. 1545, Sent to Altona, NY from Nashua, NH in 1933)
I am all alone but in good SPIRITS(Sent from Wauseon, OH to Celina, OH in July, 1907 to Miss Ester Pulskamp)

If Dreams Could Only Come True

(Prohibition, series No. 994, Made in US, unsent)

Beer Bath

(Photographer unknown, 1916, Courtesy of Library of Congress, Pomegranate Publications, Madera, CA, unsent)

German Beer Bath

(Karoly Pump Foto-Design, Printed in Germany, unsent)
Champagne Bath in Canada(Text: Boy! Love's in Bloom up here. Verg - Alice + Gus Townsend, sent from Fort Frances, Ontario to Clarence Booth, Schnitzilbank, St. Paul, Minnesota in August, 1934)

Dish ish Heav'n

(Text: Hello Prince. Well How is the boy? There is a masquerade dance at --- Tonight. But guess can't go. Had the declamation contest -- had a big oyster supper, Bert ans. soon. PS. Are you having many dances out there, sent from Academy, SD to Corsica, SD [40 miles apart], February 1916 )

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection