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Published Work 

[56 projects including zines, artist books, travel guides, newsletters, a book & a blog]
2023 How to make Nontoxic Cleaners [education zine for Pennsylvania Resources Council, Pittsburgh, PA]2023 Going Zero Waste: a guide for vendors) [info brochure for Pennsylvania Resources Council, Pittsburgh, PA]2023 Reuse Fest (updated) [infozine for Pennsylvania Resources Council, Pittsburgh, PA]2023 We Recycle Glass in SWPA [education zine for Pennsylvania Resources Council, Pittsburgh, PA]2023 An Introduction to Backyard Composting [workshop zine for Pennsylvania Resources Council, Pittsburgh, PA]2022 Reuse Fest [infozine for Pennsylvania Resources Council's Reuse Fest, Pittsburgh, PA]2022 Waste [artist book, Pittsburgh, PA]2021 Chip Bags [artist book, accordion, Pittsburgh, PA]2021 The Patient: My Year of Learning to be Patient [artist book, Pittsburgh, PA]2021 Trash Nabbers PGH [info brochure, Pittsburgh, PA]2021  On the Road: Moving from San Antonio to Pittsburgh [zine, Pittsburgh, PA]2019 The LOST Bookmarks FOUND at the San Antonio Public Library [zine, San Antonio, TX]2019 Happy Cupcake (a Harry Styles fanzine) [fanzine, San Antonio, TX]2018 Let's Explore: The Enchilada Red Library (San Antonio's Central Library) [guidebook, San Antonio, TX]2017 U2: The Pineapple/Joshua Tree 2017 Tour [travel zine, Dallas, TX]2016-2017 Under the Wandering Oaks [newsletter, monthly 2016, year issue 2017, San Antonio, TX]2016 My Portland Bucket List [zine, Portland, OR]2016 Letters to the Editor [zine, Portland, OR]2015-2016 The Mystery of the Mill Block [collaboration, chapbook, 3 parts, Portland, OR]2015 Museums & Collections of Portland [guidebook, yellow cover, Portland, OR]2015 The Museum Lady's Downtown Portland [guidebook, Portland, OR]2015 Portland at Large [guidebook, Portland, OR]2015 The Adventures of Mary, Carye, PeeDee, The Poodles & U2 [travel zine, Portland, OR]2014 Circle Portland [guidebook, Portland, OR]2014 Museums & Collections of Portland [guidebook, blue cover, Portland, OR]2014 Take These Tours [zine, Portland, OR]2014 Muse-Um: Wedding Tour [travel zine, Portland, OR]2013 A Year in Laurelhurst Park [artist book, Portland, OR]2013 Look Down [artist book, Portland, OR]2013 Museums & Collections of Portland [guidebook, red cover, Portland, OR]2013 The Hidden Lives of Ducks in Laurelhurst Pond [artist book, Portland, OR]2013 Museums by Bike [zine, Portland, OR]2013 Mystery of the Mill Block [Wagon Wheel Press, collaborative chapbook, Portland, OR]2013 Lovejoy Columns & Tom [zine, Portland, OR]2013 Six Bowls [artist book for Museum of Contemporary Craft gallery store, Portland, OR]2012 See the World! [collaboration, chapbook, Portland, OR]2012 In the Good Old Days [collaboration, chapbook, Portland, OR]2010 Hidden Portland: Museums & Collections [publisher: nomads/bedouin books, book, Portland, OR] Library collections: OHSU Academic Library, Portland, OR; Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR; Oregon State Library, Salem, Oregon2010 Nut Cup [collaboration, travel zine, Portland, OR]2009 Hidden Portland: Museums & Collections [book, Portland, OR]2008 Muse-Um: The South/Minnesota [zine, Portland, OR]2007 A Compendium of Small Museums & Obscure Collections [collaboration, travel brochure, Portland, OR]2006-2007 Ms. Bathtub Blog [writing and musings, online, based out of Portland, OR]2004 Printshop Gazette [Independent Publishing Resource Center collaboration, newsletter, Portland, OR]2004 Nicki's Way [fanzine, Portland, OR]2001 Grandma's Book [artist book, Portland, OR]2000 The Pea-green Chair [artist book, San Francisco, CA]2000 Secular Concrete [collaboration, artist book, San Francisco, CA]1997 Tog Bog é: Taking it Easy in Cork [travel zine, Cork, Ireland and Eden Prairie, MN]1995 Rolf Zombie [collaboration, art zine, Cork, Ireland and Minneapolis, MN]1995 Zines: A Zine About Zines [zine, Minneapolis, MN]1993 The Story of the Carye-Bee [art zine, Minneapolis, MN]1993 Eat for Life [brochure, Eden Prairie, MN]1992-1997 Smelly [fanzine, 7 issues, Eden Prairie & Minneapolis, MN]1992-1995 The Bizzare [collaboration, artzine, 7 issues, Eden Prairie, MN]1992 Kudzu [fanzine for a plant, Eden Prairie, MN]

Illustration & Writing 

[16 art/articles published by others]

2023 Faces of Glass [Fundraising campaign Pennsylvania Resources Council, photographer and illustrator, Pittsburgh, PA]2023 Outsiders, Outliers and Others [Book by Andrea Kampic, illustrator for both cover & chapters]2020 It's Never too Late: Recycling That Can Work [Olmos Park Living (February 2020), writer, Olmos Park, TX]2015 Portland, I Love You, but You're Forcing Me Out [Willamette Week (October 2015), writer, cover and spot illustrator, Portland, OR]2013 I Spy Printdustrial [Willamette Week, illustrator, Portland, OR]2011 Mel Blanc: The Portland Years [Oregon Cartoon Institute, program illustrator, Portland, OR]2010 Hawthorne Bridge Calendar [PDX Bridge Festival, illustrator, Portland, OR]2010 Scooters [Bumpstart, issue 4, winter 2010], illustrator, Portland, OR]2009 Art for the Millions [Dill Pickle Club guide book, Illustrator, Portland, OR]2006 Two Robins Puppet Show [Portland Mural Defense benefit, poster illustration, Portland, OR]2006 Chinatown [McClain's printmaking supply catalog, illustration, Tigard, OR]2005 An Adventure in Bike Camping [Oregon Cycling (Fall), photographer and writer, Eugene, OR]2005 Everybody Bike [Bike Portland T-Shirt, illustration design, Portland, OR]2003 Epiphany [art zine collaborative by Melissa Anders, contributing writer & artist, Portland, OR]2003 This Time Last Year [photography zine, issue 3, June 2003], cover illustration, Portland, OR]2003 Make a Collection [Make Something! An Anthology of Portland Zinesters, contributing art & writing, Portland, OR]2002 Scissor Zine [Independent Publishing Resource Center collaborative zine, contributing page, Portland, OR]