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Portland in Postcards, Lu Lu's Vintage

A List of Art Show Locations

I like to show my art or curate arts shows in unique, uncommon locations and also the usual places.
  • Aquarium
  • Art College
  • Bathtub House
  • Barber Shop
  • Bike Art & Accessories Shop
  • Book Arts Center
  • Boutique
  • College Environmental Center
  • College Gallery
  • College Lobby
  • Community Arts Center
  • Candy Store
  • Café 
  • City Hall
  • Coffee Shop
  • Gallery
  • Hotel
  • Junk/Resale Shop
  • The Library
  • National Parks Store
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Plumbing Store
  • Street Fair
  • Trolley Barn
  • Video Rental Store
  • Vintage Clothing Store
  • Weird Art Museum
  • Winery
  • Yard Sale
  • Zine Shop
Big Pink Love Show, Coffeehouse Northwest
Art Spark, Central Library, SATX
Small Press: Red Bat Press at IPRC
Made in Portland: Bicycle Art ShowPortland City Hall


2021 Gene Capaldi LENS ON LITTER, 3rd Place: Adult Category [artist: photography, "Happy Un-Earth Day", 2021]

San Antonio

Eco Centro / San Antonio Community College, San Antonio, TX

San Antonio River Authority River Clicks Photo Contest Finalist [artist: photography, online group show, June 2019]

Central Library Gallery, San Antonio, TX 

      • Beyond the Books: Library Staff Show [artist: zine release, group show, December 6-31, 2019]
      • Art Sparks: Staff Exhibition [artist: zine release & woodcut print, group show, December 7-31, 2018]

Boysville Thrift Store, San Antonio, TX [resident thrift artist, April - October 2016]

      • 1970s Frolic
      • Americana
      • Book Look
      • Cook Look
      • Don't Mess with Texas
      • English Tea Party
      • Fairy Tales
      • Going to the Chapel
      • Grandma's House
      • Hipster Angle 
      • Picnic Time
      • Vegging Out
      • Wanderlust to South America

Portland Metro

Alberta Street businesses, Portland OR, Nicki Rose Art Walk [co-curator and artist, January 29 - February 24, 2004]

Alberta Street Last Thursday, Portland, OR, The Northwest Curiosities Sideshow [co-curator & artist, originally debuted at artists' yard sale, September 24, 2009]

Art Institute of Portland, Portland, OR

      • Exquisite Corpse [artist: collage/mixed media, part of a team Repugnant Effect, group show: Milling Pinfeathers, Napping Commander,  January 20 - March 26, 2004]
      • Monsterland: the Exhibit [curator and artist: digital collaborative art, January 19 - March 26, 2004]

Bathtub Art Museum without Walls, Portland, OR

      • Faux Museum, Portland, OR, Peeping Toms & Plumbers [featured in Collections & Anomalies, June 2014]
      • Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR, For the Love of the Tub [curator: valentines/postcards from the collection,  January-February 2007]
      • Laurelhurst Barber Shop, Portland OR, Glamorous Gals & Beautiful Baths [curator: postcards from the collection, August 2006]
      • Ivy Studio at Jupiter Hotel, Portland, OR, Bathtubs on Holiday [curator: postcards from the collection, June 2006]
      • Movie Madness, Portland, OR, Celebrities in Tubs [curator: postcards from the collection, June 2006]
      • Central Library Lobby, Portland, OR, Bathtubs! [curator: library books and books/postcards from the collection [August 2005]
      • A-Ball Plumbing, Portland, OR, Folks are Friendly: 100 postcards show [curator: postcards from the Bathtub Art Museum, February 5-26, 2005]
      • Half & Half Café, Portland, OR, Folks are Friendly: 100 postcards show [curator: postcards from the collection, January 6-31. 2005]

Bathtub Art Lounge, Portland, OR 

      • Bathtub Love Show [curator: valentines from the collection, February 6, 2015]
      • Summer Vacation [curator: postcards from the collection, August 11, 2015]
      • Museum/Museum [curator: display from the collection, joint show with the Zymoglyphic Museum, September 4, 2015]
      • Oddly Curious [curator: display from the collection, joint show with the Zymoglyphic Museum, October 2, 2015]
      • Photographic Tubs [curator: display from the collection, November 5, 2015]
      • Rust & Lust [curator: display from the collection, joint show with the Zymoglyphic Museum, December 5, 2016]
      • Drawing the Bath [curator: display from the collection, January 7, 2016]
      • Bathlandia [curator: new mail art, February 5. 2016]

Bathtub Art Museum House, Portland, OR

      • Ball [curator: Installation by M@ Levitt, September 2009] 
      • Bathtub Love Show [curator: Valentines from the collection, February 14, 2010]
      • Hollywood Comes Clean [curator: postcards and objects from the collection, June 2010]
      • The Abandoned Collections [artist: auction of my abandoned collections, August 2010] 

Bikeasaurus, Portland, OR, DinoBike! [artist: illustrations, diorama & woodcut prints, solo show, December 2-31, 2011]

Central Library Lobby, Portland, OR, Mail Art [artist: collage postcard, group show, January 2008]

City of Portland business widows, Big Pink Love Show (part II) [artist: photography, solo show, February 1-28, 2016]

City Hall, Portland, OR, Made in Portland: Bicycle Art Show [artist: woodcut prints, featured artist, July 6 - 31, 2006]

Coffeehouse Northwest, Portland, OR, Big Pink Love Show [artist: photography, solo show, February 1-28, 2016]

Cosmic Soda Pop & Candy, Portland, OR, Favorite Candy [artist: illustrations, solo show, November 1-30, 2013] 

Crafty Wonderland Store, Portland, OR, Featured Artist of the Month [artist: illustrations, prints, zines, October 1-31, 2015]

Em Space Book Arts Center, Portland, OR, P.S. An Exhibition of Postcards [artist: woodcut print, group show, September 19-October 31, 2009]

Em Space Book Arts Center, Portland, OR, Postcard Show [artist: woodcut prints, group show, October 5-December 1, 2012]

Eyeful Gallery, Portland, OR, Work/Progress (Benefit for Dill Pickle Club) [artist: chapbook, woodcut prints, group show, December 3, 2009 - January 3, 2010]

The Know, Portland, OR

      • The Bathtub Art Show [curator & artist: international mail art show, local artist show, and film program, August 28 - Sept 22, 2003]
      • Nicki Rose Art Show & Video night [curator & artist, February 20, 2004]

Independent Publishing Resource Center Gallery, Portland, OR

      • Member show [artist: group show, April 3-30, 2003]
      • Print Print Revolution: New Letterpress Political Posters [artist: woodcut print, group show,  October 7-31, 2004]
      • Small Press: Loaded Hips & Red Bat Press [featured artist: woodcut retrospective, October 2, 2008 - January 30, 2009]

Land Gallery, Portland, OR, buyolympia’s 20th Anniversary Show [artist: illustrated postcards, group show, June 29 - September 3, 2019]

Lu Lu's Vintage, Portland, OR, Portland in Postcards [artist: illustrations & collages, solo show, June 7-30, 2012]

Morrison Child & Family Services, Portland, OR, Four Animals [artist: framed woodcut prints, permanent work, September 2003]

Multnomah County Trolley Barn, Portland, OR, Hawthorne Bridge Show [artist: woodcut print, group show, Sept 10, 2009]

Nemo Design, Portland, OR, Bridgetown Hustle Bike Art Show [artist: woodcut print: In Oregon, We Bike, group show, February 5-28, 2010]

Nocturnal, Portland, OR

      • Cockfight! [artist: woodcut print: Lost and Found Cowboy, group show, July 5-31, 2003]
      • Day of the Dead [artist: illustration/collage: The Making of Red Bat, group show, November 1-30, 2003]
      • Carnival [artist: letterpress broadside/light box: Circus! group show, April 3-30, 2004]

Orlo Gallery, Portland, OR, Bike-based Correspondence Art [artist: woodcut print, group show, July 2002]

Portland Center Stage, Portland, OR, The Power of the Press: Letterpress Exhibition [artist: woodcut print, group show inspired by Ben Franklin, November 5 - December 31, 2009]

Portland Community College, Cascade Gallery, Portland, OR, Tempo & Transition [artist: artist book, November 7 - December 7, 2016]

Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR

      • 5th Annual Valentine's Invitational [artist: woodcut print: Tattoo Flash Heart, group show, February 5-29, 2004]
      • 6th Annual Valentine's Invitational [artist: woodcut print: Bunny Tandem, group show, 2004]
      • Valentine's Invitational [artist: letterpress illustrated broadside: Love Tester, group show, 2006]
      • 7th Annual Valentine's Invitational [artist: woodcut prints: Sailor Sweetheart, group show, 2006]
      • I Heart Portland [artist: woodcut postcard prints, group show, 2006]
      • Forget me Not [artist: artist book pages: Grandma's Bird Book, group show, October 4-31, 2007]
      • Hidden Portland: Museums & Collections [artist: illustrations & book release, solo show, June 4-30, 2009]
      • 11th Annual Valentine's Invitational [artist: woodblock print: Big Pink, group show, 2010]
      • Forget me Not [artist: illustration/collage pages: Pagoda R.I.P., group show, October 7-31, 2010]

Red Bat Studio 20, Portland, OR, Three Lives Show [curator and artist: zine release, solo art show of woodcut postcard collection, February 7, 2015]

Redux Gallery, Portland, OR, Love Print [featured artist: woodcut prints: valentine collection, February 1-26, 2013]

Seven Bridges Winery, Portland, OR, Industrial North [RACC Art Spark, featured artist: illustrations, May 16, 2013]

Sixth Street Gallery, Vancouver WA, The 7 Wonders of Vancouver [featured artist/doodler: illustrations, April 7-30, 2010]

Small World Café, Portland, OR, Bunny on a Bike & 7 Friends [artist: woodcut prints, solo show. December 1 - January 31, 2003]

St. John's Window Project, Kitsch 'n Stitch, Portland, OR [featured artist: trash sculpture Our Lady of North Portland (with Cathy Pitters), August 7 - September 12, 2004]

Tribute Gallery, Portland, OR, Hidden Portland [featured artist: illustrations, August 6-31, 2009]


Artist's House, Carye Bee's Holiday-Art Show [artist: photography, New photos from Ireland, December 13, 1997]

Augsburg College Minneapolis, MN

      • Augsburg College Lobby Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, Time Fragments [featured artist: photography, April 27 - Mary 14, 1995]
      • Christianson Center Art Gallery, Éire Cuis Le Gael Mo Chroi (Ireland: The Bright Pulse of my Heart) [artist: photography, prints, mixed media, senior exhibition, solo show, January 15 - Feburary 4, 1997] 
      • Augsburg Art Department Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, Photography Group Show (curator: Cedar Riverside Charter School student photography show, June 9-30, 1997]

Peace Coffee, Minneapolis, MN, Minnesota Winter Wonderland [artist: woodcut prints, solo show, January 28 - February 29, 2012]

Queen of Cups, Minneapolis, MN [artist: photography, solo show, April-July 1998]

Robbin Gallery, Robbinsdale, MN, Recent Graduates Show [artist: photography, group show, Third place Hennepin Artists Association: Arist's Favorite Award, July 1997]

Sister Sludge Café, Minneapolis, MN [artist: photography, solo show, June 2-30, 1997]

St. Martin's Table, Minneapolis, MN, Carye the Bee: Small Woodcut Prints [artist: woodcut prints, solo show, June 2-30 1998]

Elsewhere / Online

Arbus Photo Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan, Portland Artist Trunk Show [featured artist: woodcut prints, May 10-31, 2014]

Instagram, Whatawaste: When an Icon is Bad Trash [artist: photography (200 pictures at @whatawaste_satx), 2019-2020] 

The Maritime Store Window, San Francisco, CA, Window Exhibits [curator, 1999-2001]

      • For the LOVE of the Sea (2001)
      • Shallow & Deep (2001)
      • Sailors! (2000)
      • Navigation & Exploring (2000)
      • Alone at Sea (2000)
      • The Perfect Storm (2000)
      • The Bizarro (2000)
      • Fish and the Sea! (2000)
      • Summer Holiday: Ocean Liner Travel (2000)
      • The Artic - The Top of the World (1999)
      • Pirate Fashion (1999)

Spadefish Art Gallery/NC Aquarium, Wilmington, NC The Sea in Print [featured artist: woodcut prints, October 2005]

Warehouse Theatre, Greenville, SC, PedalPop [artist: letterpress/mixed media poster, group show, 2010]