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4/2021: Postcard Exhibit 2: Spring!

April showers, bunny rabbits and ducks are what come to mind in spring. This postcard exhibit includes old postcards such as the umbrella one was sent in 1925 (nearly 100 years ago). Ducklings' Bathtub is an illustration by Molly Brent and the postcard was printed in England. The bunny family scene is labeled In Het Bad, which is Dutch for In the Bath and was printed in Holland. The last two postcards are handmade. The first is a drawing by Sue Perkins representing her garden and a rabbit she once had named Steve. Bunny in a Bath is a hand painted wood-cut print art postcard by Red Bat Press (made by your curator, Carye Bye)

Very Showery Here

Umbrellas (Privacy?)

Keep a Cool Head

In Het Bad

Ducklings' Bathtime

Steve the Bunny

Bunny in a Bath

All postcards depicted are part of the Bathtub Art Museum Collection