For the Curious - Illustration

Carye Bye

I am a curious person. Curiosity is how I approach all things.

When working with you on a project: I ask questions. I explore. I see if it makes sense. I try things. I collaborate. I play. I bring it full circle to complete

I am available for freelance illustration to support web or print projects. I like to work on a series of images (a collection of graphics that go well together) and specialize in spot illustrationa unique picture that supports accompanying text or a product. I use mixed media methods to create my final designs including printmaking, paper cut-outs, collage, photography, drawing, handwriting, letterpress, and painting. Visit my illustration portfolio! 

Clients & Working Partners

I've worked with nonprofits, small businesses, the media, health care projects, government agencies, entrepreneurs & individuals.

  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance
  • Bicycling HUB
  • Bike Portland
  • Bipolar Family Stories
  • City of Olmos Park
  • Dill Pickle Club
  • Disaster Relief Trials
  • Dovydenas Utopia Vineyard
  • Environment Texas
  • Glow Gifts
  • Insight Real Estate
  • Julia von Borstel LMT
  • Know Your City
  • Oregon Cartoon Institute
  • The Maritime Store
  • Mark J. Ginsberg of Berkshire Ginsberg LLC
  • Monte Vista Historical Association
  • New Relic
  • Oregon Department of Justice
  • Pennsylvania Resources Council
  • Portland Mural Defense
  • San Antonio Public Library
  • Six Bowls (Whidbey Island)
  • Still Harbor Healthcare Advocacy
  • SOUK
  • Ten Bridge Partners
  • Think Real Estate (Principal Brokers)
  • Travel Portland
  • Willamette Week
  • Writer Andrea Kampic