♥️ Cat Sitter ♥️

Hello my extended cat family! I look forward to meeting you and taking care of you!

 I live in Shadyside and would love to take care of your cat(s) in your home, while you are away. I am not a general pet sitter, I specialize in cat care only and I want to work in my own neighborhood, Shadyside. As a freelance artist I am around for 1-2 drop-ins a day and can do multiple days in a row, and as many cats as you have. If your cat is used to two meals a day, I can accommodate. I will also consider over nights. I have a lot of experience with elderly pets and can help with any medications or specific needs. I also make sure cats who are missing their families to feel like Auntie is over for a visit and give cats a lot of love and attention, play, comfort and touch (if they like it). And I make sure that the families away get updates and photos so they don't miss their furball(s) too much. 

*caged critters I can help with as well. 

Cat Care pricing

Generally I charge $25 a day and I stay for a while to make sure cats get enrichment, play or whatever their personality desires. In some cases I can split the visit into two shorter ones depending on my traveling distance. I am always willing to discuss long-term pricing breaks or weekend specials if you are on a budget but need to get away. And, for no extra charge I can water plants, take in mail and take care of any other home care needs
About MeI'm in my late 40s and on my third cat. In early childhood we had Betty the cat. In elementary school I picked out my first very own kitten, Scooter, who lived just shy of his 19th birthday. We had an amazing road trip from Minnesota to San Francisco when he was 16. Currently I have Murphy (pictured below) who I adopted as a rescue when he was a young adult and he's now in his senior years. We've been together over 11 years.  My cats have always been important family members and life is better with cats! 
I'm a freelance artist and organizer and I spend a lot of time in Shadyside as a volunteer picking up litter with the Shadyside Street Stewards. Bonus: I will likely de-litter your street and immediate neighborhood!
Contactcaryebye@gmail.com or 503-248-4454. Happy to send you a local reference!